Learn How To Train Your Dog To Sit ?

One of the simplest habits you can teach your dog, is training him to sit; perhaps, it is the first one to begin with. Several methods are quite effective for pups and older dogs. Discover how to train your dog to sit and make him listen to your command by lauding his normal conduct, using the traditional snack technique, or utilizing bodily assistance.

  • Deal with your dog in a relaxed environment

It is a good start to begin your dog training at home with restricted interruptions. Keeping him away from the chain, let him perform inside and outside. In that case, he will be able to respond well to your commands. Stick with him until he makes a move to sit. This technique acts well and is applied using his normal conduct, instead of using any other practices to allow him to sit. Hang around him until he sits on his own. Straightaway, mention sit and treat him.

Make use of this when his base falls. Talk with him gently and in a pleasing manner. Treat him well by stroking him, not on the head but along the neck down to his base and speaking with good affectionate words to him like “good boy” and reward him often. As you grow with the program, keep repeating the training. You have to make sure to exercise regularly so that he learns how to work with different movements and actions. Always be near to him. Once, he stands, commands him to sit. Look after him well; keep rewarding him when he understands your instructions completely. Keep exercising this until he can sit without resorting to snacks.

  • Stay before your dog

You really want him to be centered on you, and able to notice and observe you completely. Adjust yourself facing him so that he can face you. Display a snack, keep it to yourself or else place near to him. He will be very much interested in winning those snacks from you. You should grab his complete attention. Try shifting the snack from his eyes. He will then observe the treat with his nose, looking up and along the way putting his base on the floor. Command him to “sit”, once he sits, treat him with a snack or a reward.

Release him from sit setting utilizing “release”, “ok” or “free” order. Keep repeating the trick. Sooner or later, he may lose interest, so stay calm and continue to train the following day don’t try repeatedly build on good habits. Carry on working on the trick until your dog can heed your command to sit without needing a treat in return.

  • Set your dog on a chain

Dogs who are aged, this technique is great for them. You need your dog to be positioned at a place for enough time so that you can train him well, therefore utilize a chain to hold him nearby you. Stand beside him and gently press his base. Through pulling some force on his spine, assist him to lower from standing to sitting position. He may be perplexed initially but following a minute he will get the clear picture. Hold your hand in a position so he affiliates the position of sitting on your command. Do not make use of your hands. Keep repeating it as a continuous process. Pull your hand and reward him.

In addition, say “sit” and reward him with a treat when he remains positioned. Keep repeating the procedure over again so he connects with your command. Make him do exercise by allowing him to sit and stand alternately. Every time he responds to your command treat him. It is essential, keep leading him to the ground with your hand before he discovers to sit with no assistance.

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