5 Brain Dead Simple Ways to Improve Dog Behavior

To improve dog behaviour and be a great dog owner!

This poses a great question, firstly you must look at yourself when wanting to own a dog. Soon you will find that managing a dog is quite easy and an enjoyable one, while trying to turn into the ideal dog owner follow listed below five brain dead simple ways to improve dog behavior.


Here are a few things that can count towards a better behaved dog :

  1. Learn to efficiently handle your dog’s conduct

Look for signs of distress when you are back from work or extended periods away (Dogs can and will suffer from anxiety if not managed correctly), It is essential to track their behavior, after a period of consistent routine then you time away will become accepted.

At first at times, when you can’t be there to look after him or give your dog the attention they need, utilize a crate. Make sure it is the right size and shape for him to move in, do not misuse the crate.

At other times to help assist and to manage him, tie a chain/lead on him and apply the chain to draw him down when he gets on the furnishings. Perhaps, you can walk on that chain to avoid activities when he takes things into his own control. When the situation is uncontrollable, use a string chain or soft rope instead this will be less abrasive on him.

  1. Physical and mental exercise of your dog

The best simple ways to improve dog behavior take him on a walk every day. They need to come out from their lodging and uncover their surroundings through their senses. Make sure they do cardio workouts. This will help in increasing in their pulse rate and pumping of blood. It is necessary for dogs to have cardio workouts and this is the smartest way. Start walking as it will benefit you both.

When coming to exercise, check to see if he gets psychological pleasure. With his sense of smell, he observes his community via his nose, allow him to smell and explore his surroundings. Why not train him with some tricks, not only will it be enjoyable, but also an exciting one for him. Educate him well to discover some rewards at home. In your education for better dog behavior allow them to know things well and to operate as you want them to. Most importantly be patient.

  1. Teach your dog to socialize

When first starting to socialize your dog, take him/her down to your local park or dog exercise area, sometime if available a beach is a great start point. You will soon find out how your dog interacts with others, people and dogs.

Remember don’t remain anxious as dogs will sense this and become the same, remain calm and see what happens. Most times they will just run up and have a sniff and greet the other dog(s), you can then adapt as necessary once a behaviour has been established.

This is also a great time to be working on your recall with your dog. Don’t forget to reward your dog on every occasion that on your callback command he listens, also reward your dog when he/she has behaved and is good around others, gradually you can phase this out but in the early stages then it is a big help, whatever actions we show to them it has a great influence on their conduct. Strengthen their conduct by rewarding with treats and goodies. A wonderful way to improve his habits is utilizing his items. Every good thing should be originated from you, while the bad, from surroundings.

In the early stages of training your dog remember that remaining in an enclosed location for a longer period of time, dogs sometimes can get separation anxiety so in the early days of your new dog be mindful of this and amend as you see fit, if you are in the situation of having to leave your dog for long periods of time i.e work, shopping, take them out as soon as you can practically manage after getting back, this will break any connection of separation or anxiety that may have built up while you were away.

  1. Give him a premium advance meal

Misguided eating habits will affect their behavior. Train yourself with its contents and what is in the mix, supermarket/store bought dog food has high levels of additives and other nasty ingredients, however stores and supermarket might have other ideas about this and it is shown in their marketing.

Boost his eatables with a supplement and vitamin. Use raw meat no added extras-pure meat is best along with kibble or dog biscuits. Your dog deserves a well-balanced and nutritional diet and the benefits will show in his behavior.

  1. Neglect your dog when he jumps

Generally, dogs welcome with enthusiasm and excitement. Once he is calm and all settled, offer him a treat as a reward for good behavior. If he jumps, do not support this and give your command so that he knows that this is not acceptable. Do not let him dive on you or allow anybody else to leap either. Often leaping issues begin when they are little ones. Awareness should be built by your dog concerning his independence. Short lead your dog and if the jumping starts to play out, firmly position the dog back to a sitting position next to you and use the “leave”/ “down” command or your command for the wrong behavior. When displaying the correct behavior.


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