Learn How To Train A Puppy To Shake Hands?

How To Train A Puppy To Shake Hands

Shaking hands is one of the easiest tasks to train . However, other kinds of training take some sort of persistence. There are numerous ways to work on the conduct.Most of people don’t know how to train a puppy to shake hands right way and thinking it is too tough? It is ideal to use this simple method when training your dog to shake hands as with most of aspects of dog training a more detailed approach may be needed for various actions.

This method may work out to be the most suitable in accordance with your requirements.

In the event, that your pup wants to make use of his paws to walk put a snack in your hand and pin it down with your thumb, now, allow your dog to check it out.

Having your dog in the “sit” position is best and then work toward more complex positions as you master the previous, your dog may sniff and not even use his paw at first, don’t give up this is normal, what you are waiting for here is for him to raise his paw and to paw at your hand that the treat is in, on this praise and release the treat for him.

Praise the conduct with a click as he paws at your hand. This is significant and keep continuing until he is immediately pawing at your hand every time you come up to him.

At a point, proceed ahead without a treat in your hand, just for now do not worry about the treat. It’s very good if in the event he paws, so praise and then return to the treat, alternate the treat/non-treat role until he is getting it right every time, then move to twice without a treat this time don’t forget to reward him with a treat.

Upon this, return to the events above and increase the gap in-between treats and no treats until he does not paw at your hand. At this time around stop for this session and return the following day and start from the beginning, do this for a week and your pooch will have this mastered, some dogs will get this after only a few sessions.

Holding the dog paws into your hand is a different way to teach this behavior. Lift your dog’s paw gently with your hand and draw this with a click and reward him. This process can take some time depending on your pup, look forward to carry this out for a few good number of times.

These techniques will assist you on the road to train your puppy in this traditional but very rewarding practice. Don’t distract yourself, this is easiest way to learn how to train a puppy to shake hands.

There is no right, or wrong time period of time too get the result you are after some dog’s ace this and others take some time to warm up to it like all good dog tricks this is one of my favorites. This is easiest way on, how to train a puppy to shake hands ?

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